The Book of Lists
Part 2
Wanna know what Athletes and Coaches think or talk about? Well we chose to ask several about their Top 5 lists on certain topics. Here is part 2 of that list.

Top 5 Favorite MLB players
By Benton McGill (Nelson County Baseball)
1. Max Scherzer – The complete pitcher for any young kid to watch, mixed pitches and locates everything.
2. Aaron Judge- There is only one player taller than him in MLB history, Randy Johnson, and he plays everyday and never is injuried.
3. Jose Altuve – Went to several MLB tryouts and no one wanted him, kept working hard and now is the frontrunner for MVP every year.
4. Bryce Harper – One of the most versatile and athletic players in the game. Always plays hard.
5. Trae Turner – Rookie who was thrown in the fire after some injuries and stepped up to the challenge and is someone kids should look up to.

Top 5 favorite things on the McDonalds menu
By Lakyn Miller (North Hardin Softball)
1. Big Mac – Because of the sauce. The Big Mac sauce is the best EVER.
2. Double Cheeseburger – It’s just So Cheesy and good.
3. 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets – The Chicken Nuggets are so good with or without the sauce.
4. Crispy Buttermilk Sandwich – I’m not a big fan of chicken sandwiches, but this is just one of my favorites because the tomato and bun just make it.
5. The Crispy Wrap – I take off the ranch and put big mac sauce on it and it’s so good. Anything is good with Big Mac sauce on it.

Top 5 Favorite Atlanta Falcons
By Jay Becherer (Elizabethtown Football – Baseball)
1. Julio Jones-He’s one of the greatest receivers of all time and I love rooting for a guy that other teams are afraid of.
2. Michael Vick – One of the most excting players anyone has ever seen.
3. Devonta Freeman – Have You Watched Him Run the Ball??!!
4. Matt Ryan – Consistently one of the top QB’s in the league, helped bring the Falcons to the top of the league.
5. Deion Sanders – Gotta be an All-time favorite for just about anybody.

Top 5 Favorite Female Athletes
By Marly Walls (Nelson County Basketball – Track – Soccer)
1. Danica Patrick – She succeeds in a male dominated organization.
2. Sydney McLaughlin –I looked up to her athletic ability in the track world as such a young athlete.
3. Rhonda Rousey – She is tough, has overcome a lot, and worked hard for her success.
4. Serena Williams – She’s serious about closing the gender pay gap and helping women.
5. Shoni Schimmel – She is very talented and we play similar positions so watching her at Louisville she became someone I looked up to.

Top 5 Things you need to know before you decide to enter a beauty contest
By Kayla Reed (North Hardin Softball – Cheerleder – Miss Teen Hardin County Fair – Miss Hardin County Fair)
1. Confidence – Because having confidence will help guide you through your interview and how to walk and present yourself correctly.
2. Be prepared to BE JUDGED - Not just by the judges, but by the other contestants and by everyone in the audience.
3. The Dress – The right dress enhances outer beauty, but is also a necessity in a pageant.
4. Good Communication – This is the key to winning any pageant that has an interview process. You will need to be prepared to be able to make conversations with total strangers.
5. Inner Strength and Beauty – Because even the most physically beautiful person will not shine as bright without being kind and strong.