Book of Lists part 1

The Book of Lists
Wanna know what Athletes and Coaches think or talk about? Well we chose to ask several about their Top 5 lists on certain topics.

Top 5 things to remember when going overseas on a soccer trip
by Andrew Minnis (John Hardin Soccer )
1. A new soccer culture – Experiencing and living in a new country with different standards, expectations and styles provided me an incredible increase of my understanding of the game physically, emotionally, mentally and tactically.
2. Higher Standards – In a country where everyone eats, sleeps and breathes soccer the standards and expectations are significantly higher. Not only to perform and meet the goals of the club, but the expectations for the fans and country as a whole, raising my game to another level.
3. The Environment – The environment in which you play in is one that we don’t get to experience here in the US from training sessions being significantly more intense and competitive, all the way to game day experience in from 50-plus thousand. The environment in which you are in is more than beneficial to you as a player.
4. The Lifestyle – When entering a new country for a period of time as a player. You often need to adapt. Adapting to the lifestyle of the country in many aspects such as in soccer terms, socially and understanding the do’s and don’t’s of the country. During our time in the Netherlands I quickly saw how benefical this can be.
5. The Language – Learning a new language is always a unique experience. While most of the time it is a struggle, it is also very enjoyable and entertaining to be able to pick up the language and terms used by your teammates, coaches and fans.

Top 5 songs that are played on road volleyball trips for motivation
by Taylor Hines (Breckinridge County volleyball setter)
1. Candy Paint (post Malone)
2. Psycho (post Malone)
3. Rockstar – post Malone (featuring 21 Savage)
4. Relationship (Young Thug)
5. Ric Flair Drip (offset & Metro Boomin)

Top 5 All-Time New York Yankees
By Jackson Webb (Elizabethtown Baseball)
1. Derek Jeter -5 World Series rings, Yankees’ All-Time leader in hits, 6th All Time in hits with 3,465, franchise leader in games played, at-bats, doubles, steals, and the strikeouts, A World Series MVP, a 14th-time All Star and five-time Golden Glove winner.
2. Mickey Mantle – 20-times All Star, Triple Crown Winner, 3-times MVP, record 18 HRs in the World Series.
3. Joe Dimaggio – 56-game hitting streak in 1941 is the longest streak EVER.
4. Babe Ruth – 60-HRs in 1927. He created baseball as America’s pasttime and made the Yankees who they are.
5. Alex Rodriguez – First Yankee to hit 600+HR’s since Babe Ruth. 2 MVP’s with them.

Top 5 people to have to dinner (Living or Dead)
by Laynie Childress (Hart County Cheerleader / Softball )
1. My past Great Grandparents – I miss them beyond measure.
2. Sydney Romero. She’s an amazing ball player, and just an all around great person. I’d love to learn some from her.
3. Anyone from the early 1800’s-I have so many questions.
4. 5-year old ME. – I’d tell her to enjoy growing up while she can.
5. Luke Combs – He’s an icon and an awesome singer so maybe he’d be a cool pal to have around.

Top 5 All-Time Pittsburgh Steelers
By James Slaven (LaRue County Girls Basketball Coach)
1. Joe Greene – He was the player that started the turn from a hapless franchise to one that won 6 Lombardi Trophies. He anchored the greatest defense in NFL history and was the leading force in changing the culture in Pittsburgh.
2. Jack Lambert – His tenacity took the Steeler defense to another level of intimidation and production. He became the face of the Steel Curtain and provided a toughness that other teams could not overcome. One of the greatest Middle-Linebackers in NFL history also comes in as one of the greatest Steelers of all time.
3. Franco Harris – His career statistics aren’t as gaudy as other runningbacks, but he set the tone and carried the Steeler offense early in their rise to NFL dominace. Although they would later become an offense which threw the ball often, the early Steelers relied on Franco to control the game and move the ball and he did just that helping to deliver multiple Super Bowl wins.
4. Terry Bradshaw – His statistics pale in comparison to today’s quarterbacks. He threw too many interceptions, he struggled to pick up Chuck Noll’s offense, he didn’t exactly belong in the Big City life of Pittsburgh. These are all criticisms of Bradshaw. But he did lead a franchise to four world titles in six years while calling his own plays and spreading the ball around to three HOF’s. His maturing cliinched the Steeler’s rise to dominance.
5. Ben Roethlisberger – While his career isn’t finished he is on this list due to what he has already accomplished. Appearing in three Super Bowls while winning two outs him n elite company. He hasn’t won a SB MVP yet Although he should have won for SB XLIII) but his performance in the playoffs have pushed the Steelers to those Super Bowls. He has excelled through a number of coordinator changes along with shifting offensive philosophies. By the time his career ends, he may no longer be the 5th player on the top five list.

Top 5 performers I’d pay any price to see
by Allie Sutton (North Hardin Tennis)
1. Taylor Swift – All of her music is very original and she has done a fabulous job of being a sensational performer for several years while always staying classier.
2. Katy Perry – I have never seen another music group or artist put on a more unique, fun and insane show as Katy Perry.
3. Demi Levato – Her voice is so powerful and her music always has a great beat. She has a fabulous style of her own which I really admire.
4. Kelly Clarkson – She has one of the most amazing voices on the planet. She can literally sing anything and she always rocks everything she does.
5. Imagine Dragons – They are one of the best bands around. There’s not one song of their’s that I don’t like. All of their songs have an awesome beat with an inspirational message.