In His Own Words by Micah Linscott

                                                           In his Own Words by Micah Linscott 

If you know Micah Linscott, you know that he is one of the top scorers in the area. The North Hardin athlete sat down during the middle of the season before he broke the record for All-Time Assists in the State and helped drive his team to the KHSAA Final Four of high school soccer. It was their first trip ever and helped add to an already interesting story which may have not happened because of an automobile accident at the beginning of the season.

Micah's story : I've played soccer for most of my life and just like that going into my senior season it all might have come to an end. I was involved in an automobile accident just before our first game. There was me, a bus in the right lane and a car at the stop sign. The bus was cutting off my field of vision and the bus turned off into a road where the truck was at and the truck couldn't see me and I couldn't see him and he drove out into our lane and we hit each other. When it first happened my mind was going so fast. I wasn't worried about myself, but my sister and my cousin, but after the fact, my dad got there and I asked him if I was going to be okay for the season, because I was so devastated. I had a minor head injury.4G9A6383 (2)

Not a concussion or anything like that, but I did have a knot on my head. Coach didn't want to risk it so he sat me out. It was the beginning of the season, but I did want to play. I'm okay. Glad to still be here. Going into the first Central Hardin game, I had 70-assists. Just short of the state record. This season, I'm playing two different roles. I'm playing a 10 which is an attacking mid where I'm a playmaker and I'm also playing up top as a 9 with Simeon (Packer) getting some goals and finding a spot working with him to find ways to score for our team and help our team get the win. This is pretty much the same positon I've played my four years  here up top and always making plays for other teammates.4G9A6702 (2)

It's really where I belong. I always look for the assist first and trying to help my teammates. This season, I need some more assists to break the state record. If I get it then it will be crazy because I'm always looking to get my teammates involved and help the team. I was going through the recruiting process this offseason and it's been crazy. My high school years are winding down and just having coaches talk to you is the next step in life. High school was a great thing, but college is the next step up and you have to grow up. 4G9A3610 (2)

You are on your own away from your family and you are off to college, but it's exciting too because that other people around inside and outside of Kentucky are interested in you and for me I am a great player in my eyes and they also see that's a great feeling and it really boosts my confidence. Last season, we had a great run and won the District Final and the Region Final, but just to play in the first game at State (sub-sectionals) was a great time and it was my first time. To see us fall was shocking because I knew we could have done a lot better.

4G9A4630 (2)We didn't have the result we wanted, but we are bouncing back from that and we are looking forward to making an even deeper run this season. I'm not really sure what I want to do after Soccer. I'll probably just go with the flow and see what's next in front of me. Whatever works out and see what the future holds and always have a second option for me. Maybe something involving soccer like management or coaching. I'm in love with the game. That would be a great opportunity to be around it all the time.